Here you can find the meeting schedule for the current year, and download the minutes from board and general meeting of the past 6 months. In the lead up to the Annual General Meeting you will also find the notice and nomination forms.

2023 Meeting Schedule

  1. Wednesday 11th January, 5:30pm – Board Meeting
  2. Monday 30th January, 5:30pm – General Meeting
  3. Monday 6th March, 5:30pm – Board Meeting
  4. Wednesday 19th April, 10am – General Meeting
  5. Wednesday 3rd May, 5:30pm – Board Meeting
  6. Monday 12th June, 5:30pm – Board Meeting
  7. Monday 3rd July, 10am – General Meeting
  8. Wednesday 2nd August, 5:30pm – Board Meeting
  9. Monday 11th September, 5:30pm – Board Meeting
  10. Monday 2nd October, 5:30pm – General Meeting
  11. Wednesday 18th October, 5:30pm – Board Meeting
  12. Monday 27th November, 5:30pm – Board Meeting
  13. Wednesday 13th December, 6pm – Annual General Meeting


Meeting agendas are published 14 days in advance of the meeting. When published you will be able to download the agenda for the next meetings below:

General Meeting – Monday 2nd October

Board Meeting – Wednesday 18th October


Click on the meeting below to open a pdf of the minutes.

11th January – Board Meeting

30th January – General Meeting

6th March – Board Meeting

19th April – General Meeting

3rd May – Board Meeting

12th June – Board Meeting

3rd July – General Meeting

If you require a copy of the minutes from a meeting outside of this 6 month period please get in touch with the office on

Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting will be held at 6pm on Monday 2nd October 2023. Election notices were circulated on Wednesday 19th July, with the nomination deadline of 3pm on Wednesday 30th August. This is to enable time for a paper ballot should it be required. Click on the Election Notice below for more details and use the Nomination Form if you would like to stand for election.

Election Notice

Nomination Form