Important Documents

Board / Delivery Plan & Policy group to finalise: Introductory text about this page, and an agreement as to what documents are made available here and what might be downloaded from the relevant working groups and roles sections. Below list proposed by Rachel Bollen.

From this page you can download pdf versions of important documents and templates that we use in various areas of our work. If you require any of these in another format please get in touch with the office. 

Governing Documents


Members and Leases


Subtenants and Studio Shares


Other Possible Sections

These could be hosted her or within the relevant working groups and roles sections, or made available in both places.

  • Board – Trustee Declaration form, Companies House & Charity Commission appointment form.
  • Buildings – Studio alteration request form, template Studio and Event Fire Risk Assessment forms.
  • Finance & Fundraising – 
  • Membership & Governance – template for studio briefing document, interview questions and scoring grids.
  • Programme – template letter of agreement for gallery programme, studio residents website listing form, newsletter / website listing form.