Treasurer and Studio & Building Manager to draft: introductory text about this role, including how tenants should contact the Treasurer when needed.


Tanya Axford


Treasurer and Studio & Building Manager to draft Terms of Reference with Board and Delivery Plan and Policy group.

Terms of Reference_template (view online)

Terms of Reference_template (download .docx)


Suggested inclusion:

  • Expectation of workflow throughout the year (including busy times: preparing annual budget, end of year accounts and preparation for AGM, insurance renewal).
  • Areas of responsibility (e.g. overview of financial position, ensuring relevant financial matters are discussed at board and general meetings and that supporting documents are provided to aid discussion – including members questions / requests and their financial position, liaising with accountants…)
  • Human Resources in relation to PAYE and annual leave.
  • Details of the systems currently in use.
  • Role handover document.

Elements of the above could be provided in pdf form to download from the site.