Public Liability Insurance registrar

Public Liability registrar and Board to draft: introductory text about this role.

Public Liability Insurance registrar

Bethan Maddocks


Public Liability Insurance registrar and Studio & Building Manager to draft Terms of Reference with Board and Delivery Plan and Policy group.

Terms of Reference_template (view online)

Terms of Reference_template (download .docx)


Suggested inclusion:

  • Clear details about the requirement of all tenants to hold appropriate PLI including the level of indemnity required.
  • Details of when register will be updated throughout the year (4 times a year?) and what evidence tenants are required to provide.
  • Schedule of requests to provide evidence, after which this will be passed on to the board.
  • Register for tenants to refer to.
  • Contact details of registrar.

Elements of the above could be provided in pdf form to download from the site.