Insurance coordinator

Board to decide whether this role is needed, or if it is an area of responsibility that they collectively hold – if such then this should be included in the board’s terms of reference document. Otherwise, Board to draft information about this role and terms of reference documents, in consultation with the Delivery Plan and Policy group.

Insurance coordinator

position vacant


Board to draft Terms of Reference with Delivery Plan and Policy group

Terms of Reference_template (view online)

Terms of Reference_template (download .docx)


This should include:

  • Renewal dates.
  • Details of our current cover i.e. Directors & Officers Liability, Property Owners Combined, Commercial Combined, and Flood Excess.
  • Details of current brokers.
  • Coordinator’s responsibility in leading on this work and how they work with the board to ensure cover is arranged by renewal date.

Elements of the above could be provided in pdf form to download from the site.