Electrical Installation Condition Report coordinator

Building group to draft information about this role and terms of reference documents, in consultation with the Delivery Plan and Policy group.

Electrical Installation Condition Report coordinator

Role next required 2027 (see stickers on distribution boards for next inspection date)


Buildings and Fire groups to draft Terms of Reference with Board and Delivery Plan and Policy group

Terms of Reference_template (view online)

Terms of Reference_template (download .docx)


This should include:

  • explanation of what an electrical condition report is, and the requirement that these are carried out throughout the building (communal spaces and individual studios) every 5 years.
  • Coordinator’s responsibility in finding an appropriate contractor to complete the work (qualifications and membership of professional body), arranging sign up sheets for individual studios, and having an overview to ensure that all studios are inspected.
  • System that we have in place should any Member wish to make their own arrangements (i.e. stipulations re appropriate contractors, and the date by which the resulting report must be provided – prior to the attendance of contractor organised by 36LS).
  • Financial arrangements in relation to the 36LS arranged contractor (36LS pays the contractor invoice and issues individual invoices to members)
  • Month and year for when this is next due.

Elements of the above could be provided in pdf form to download from the site.