Building Officer & Buildings group

Building Officer to work with group to draft: introductory text about how this group works and any specific tasks certain members of the group have responsibility over. This should also include information about how other tenants should contact the group (or specific members) when needed.

Building Officer


Buildings group

Michael Armstrong, Pete Flynn, Emma Holliday (task relating to fire escape), David Lawson, Jack Mutton (advisor), Zoe Parker, Julia Roxburgh, Roman Sapiecha & Lee Turner (bins).


Building Officer to review, amend and agree Terms of Reference with Board and Delivery Plan and Policy group

Buildings Group Terms of Reference (view online)

Buildings Group Terms of Reference (download .docx)


Suggested inclusion:

  • Information about contractors we use in an emergency, including what to do in event of flooding.
  • Building plans, including the plumbing map that Zoe Parker has been working on.
  • Information about what members would need to do if they want to make changes within their studio.
  • Clear detail about financial responsibility (i.e. what members are responsible for and what 36LS is responsible for).

Elements of the above could be provided in pdf form to download from the site.