Working Groups & Roles

Board / Delivery Plan & Policy group to finalise: Introductory text about our working groups and roles system.  Below is proposed text, drafted by Rachel Bollen / taken from existing company documents.

36 Lime Street Ltd’s guiding principle is to provide secure, affordable studio spaces for rent by creative artists and in doing so to contribute towards the regeneration of the building and the area. The ethos of 36 Lime Street is that Members and Tenants run the organisation cooperatively, working collectively as well as taking on individual responsibilities.

36 Lime Street Ltd holds a head lease for the building that requires us to fully maintain and repair the premises. Studio rents include an amount for repairing and maintaining the fabric of the building and communal areas, as well as paying for part-time administrative support.

Members are expected and obliged to contribute to the running of the building by undertaking tasks such as testing fire alarms, overseeing building works, putting out bins, redecorating corridors or organising exhibitions, studio tours, open studios and other events.

The working groups and roles are fundamental to how we operate as an organisation, and have been set up to aid Members and Tenants vital work. It is essential that everyone at 36 Lime Street sign up to be an active member of at least one working group or responsible for a particular role at any time. In effect, Members ‘pay’ for rent below market average by putting time and effort into running the building.

The working groups and roles are reviewed and recorded at every annual general meeting. Below is a record of current Members and Tenants and the groups and roles they hold in 2024.

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Allocation of working groups and roles

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Working group and roles 2024_05 (view online)