Charity Reporting

[Introductory text about 36LS as a charity, our requirement for reporting, how we track our activity, and what information we need from Members and Studio Users to support this. This should include the reporting period for each year.]

We use two forms to collect text and other information from members to inform our annual report to the Charities Commission. 

Publicly facing activity

Please use this form to record information about publicly focused activity. This might include exhibitions, workshops, school visits, heritage tours and talks. This should not take longer than a few minutes to record. Please make sure that you or someone else in the working group captures this information shortly after the activity took place. 

Report publicly focused activity here.

Voluntary contribution – record of hours

We are also required to record the work our members and tenants do to deliver the aims of the charity. All members are expected to contribute towards the running of 36 Lime Street.

36 Lime Street needs to have an accurate record of all voluntary hours during each financial year (1st April – 31st March). The frequency of recording your own activity will depend on the work you do and your own preference – you might prefer to report your contribution on regular basis, or keep a note of it and report at the end of each year. The form captures voluntary hours within the 5 main areas of work (Board, Buildings, Finance & Fundraising, Membership & Governance, and Programme). If you engage in more than one of these areas you will need to report these hours separately. 

Report voluntary hours here.