Members Area

Board to finalise: Introductory text about the Members Area of the website. Below is proposed text, drafted by Rachel Bollen.

The Members Area of the website has been developed to act as a central hub for members and tenants of 36 Lime Street. There are 5 sections to this area:

  1. Charity Reporting: where you will find links to the forms we use to track our performance and capture the data needed to inform the annual Trustees Report.
  2. Working Groups and Roles: the working groups and roles are fundamental to how we operate as an organisation. In this section you will find all you need to know about each area of our organisation including who is an active member of each group. 
  3. Important Documents: here you can download various documents relating to the Company, Policies and Procedures, and Studio Tenancy, as well as the Board, Buildings, Finance & Fundraising, Membership & Governance, and Programming. 
  4. Meetings: where you will find the meeting schedule for the current year, agendas for upcoming meetings, and minutes from the past 6 months. 
  5. Tenants: there are over 50 tenants within 36 Lime Street. Here you will find photographs of each of you, alongside a contact email addresses.