While You Were Out | Aloe Corry

EXHIBITION | 4th - 14th July 2019

Gallery opening times:
Saturday 6th & Sunday 7th July 12pm – 5pm
Saturday 13th & Sunday 14th July 12pm – 5pm

Preview: Thursday 4th July 6pm – 8pm

While You Were Out comprises a series of works based on the classic “while you were out” form, often used for intraoffice notifications. Corry’s work subverts this form of communication, turning the forms into frenzied attempts to report something—anything—to the outside world. The accompanying monotypes play off similar themes of broken narrative, solitude, and nonsensical desperation. Together these works navigate the tension between banality and catastrophe, creating a space where both the anguished and the absurd are given equal weight.    

Aloe Corry works with painting, printmaking, and text to investigate disjointed narrative, the crevices between myth and reality, and dislocation. Her practice is rooted in observation and focuses with uncertain images, tangled meanings, and selective memory.


The former 36 Lime Street Gallery was established in 2009 as an artist run space to provide a platform for emerging and established artists to experiment and take risks with new work. Selected by committee from an open call, 8 proposals are selected and exhibited throughout the year.

The gallery space continues to provide a platform as 36.