Where the sun beats | H. E. Morris

EXHIBITION | 7th - 17th September 2023

Gallery opening times:
Friday 8th September, 12pm – 5pm
Saturday 9th & Sunday 10th September, 12pm – 5pm
Saturday 16th & Sunday 17th September, 12pm – 5pm

Preview: Thursday 7th September, 6pm – 8pm

There is evidence here on the surface, there is a truth unfurling, and the only way to discover it is to keep working. To keep digging, and, as Hélène Cixous says, “Walking through the self toward the dark.” I think of my paintings as stories or myths that represents a condition, desire or place. I use the material to represent a conflict, breath, scream or silence. Manipulating the surface to work against the traditional forms of practice. Moving beyond the ideas of what we associate with medium, I am working against the capitalist clock. Trying my best to let a version of truth reveal itself into a vision.


The former 36 Lime Street Gallery was established in 2009 as an artist run space to provide a platform for emerging and established artists to experiment and take risks with new work. Selected by committee from an open call, 8 proposals are selected and exhibited throughout the year.

The gallery space continues to provide a platform as 36.