Populace Project

EXHIBITION | 5th - 14th October 2012

Gallery opening times:
Saturday 6th & Sunday 7th October, 11am – 5pm
Saturday 13th & Sunday 14th October, 11am – 5pm

Preview: Friday 5th October 6pm – 8pm

A group of Newcastle Fine Art students will seek to explore the relationship between the viewer and the artwork through interactive, performative and informative displays in which the viewer will be wholly involved. These ‘events’ will be situated around Newcastle prior to Populace opening, which will act as a collection of documents, photography and video work from the events. Adding to this, there will also be new, exciting, interactive pieces of work on the opening night, combining the viewer and the artwork together as a complete performance.

This exhibition stemmed from 60 Hours, a show staged at The Newbridge Project annex space in March, which sought to explore experimental and collaborative ways of working. This involved occupying the space for a time-specific period, whilst all physical work was built on site. Some of the group from 60 Hours have gone on to be part of Populace, which also explores themes of site – specific works, collaboration and working to a time frame.

Works involved with Populace include pop-up, site-specific shelters based around Newcastle, in disused or untreated sites, which we welcome the public to explore and interact with. One of these shall be recreated in the gallery space and act as projection screen for another group member’s film work to be shown on. There will also be sculptural pieces made specifically to enhance or alter the viewer’s perception of other works included in the show.

There will also be an ‘information’ desk, which will require the public to donate old documents, junk mail and books prior to and during the event; these will be turned into an informative performance within the Lime Street space, with a screen in Hangar 51 relaying the information outside There will be a performance afternoon in Heaton Park on Thursday 27th September, as well as an introduction to film and performance work in the newly renovated Pride Suite space on Friday 28th, where important and ground-breaking works will be screened upstairs. Populace will also seek to supply the viewer with information from the events leading up to the show, including documents, photography and video work.

Everyone is welcome and encouraged to get involved with all of these events.

Events for Populace:

Wednesday 26th September, 12pm – 5pm
Donate your unwanted junk mail, documents and books to Populace!
36 Lime Street Studios, 36 Lime Street
, Ouseburn
, Newcastle upon Tyne
 NE1 2PQ

Thursday 27th September, 1pm – 4pm
Live Performance Work at Armstrong Park
Concrete oval near the bowling green, Armstrong Park, Newcastle Upon Tyne

Friday 28th September, 1pm – 3pm
An Introduction to Performance and Film Art
Pride Cafe, 24 Scotswood Road, Newcastle Upon Tyne NE4 7JD



About 36 Lime Street’s Gallery Programme

As part of a wider audience development plan, 36 Lime Street is proud to present a series of new projects for the third year of its gallery space. A new programme of exhibitions and events has been co-ordinated to run from June through to November 2012 which will encompass painting, sculpture, installation, drawing and three-dimensional design.