Passive Aggressive | Benjamin Jones & Robert Luzar

EXHIBITION | 10th - 14th December 2021

Robert Luzar | Leutcher - Traced Papers, 2019-21 (detail) | A4 inkjet prints with graphite

Gallery opening times:
Saturday 11th & Sunday 12th December 12pm – 5pm
Monday 13th December 12pm – 5pm
Tuesday 14th December 10am – 12pm

Preview: Friday December 10th 6pm – 8pm
Artists In Conversation: Sunday 12th December 2pm

This exhibition brings together two distinct practices, of artists Benjamin Jones and Robert Luzar, who engage in a dialogue around the passivity or latency of aggression and the obscuring potential of images. The exhibition positions drawings made on the reverse of print-outs of the Holocaust denying Leuchter report (Luzar) with photographic abstractions and studies of forms of botanical defences (Jones). In presenting these works in dialogue there is the implication of violence, but one that has been turned away, or is biologically indirect. This theme, and the question of it’s presence as an evolutionary characteristic, provided the exhibitions initial impetus. It relates the works most directly with regard to a subject, however process is also key. Both practices deal with the translation of their subject, by hand or mechanically, and in this process the distortion and obfuscation of information, and the reduced legibility of their context. There is a stark contrast between the very real history that Luzar’s work deals with, and the apathy of an evolutionary and biological form that is naturally selected for survival. This exhibition places these ideas into relation with one another as a point of reflection; the brutal history of the 20th Century and unintended but decisive natural forms; presenting various material responses to these subjects. All these works consider materiality, and paradoxically the meaning and meaninglessness inferred by process, be that the turning away of documents or the distortion of photographic representations. 

Benjamin Jones | To Explain by Not Explaining, 2021 (detail) | Silver gelatin print






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