All We Know Is That We Don’t Know | Matt Wilkinson

Preview: Thursday 9 Sep 6 – 8 | Opening times: Sat 11 - Sun 12 Sep & Sat 18 - Sun 19 Sep, 12 - 5

By on September 3, 2021

All We Know Is That We Don’t Know is an exhibition of new works derived from Wilkinson’s experiences of recent fatherhood and the impact pandemic lockdowns visually had on Blackpool, his current studio base.

Metaphorically speaking, when countries went into lockdown time stood still, with tourist resorts emptying and becoming lifeless: devoid of people, noise and activity. Photographing Blackpool promenade during this time brought a new perspective, making Wilkinson rethink the places we inhabit, occupy and enjoy. A key interest lies in the re-contextualising of public structures, emphasing symmetry and shape, through the lens of contemporary design, installation and photography.

Adjacent to this, Wilkinson captured the transformational changes of his partner’s pregnancy through a series of candid photographs. Whilst lockdown was undoubtedly a difficult time, this enforced hiatus enabled Wilkinson to share the experiences of pregnancy with his partner to a degree that is often not possible in normal circumstances. Wilkinson challenges the misconception that “The enemy of good art is the pram in the hallway” voiced by literary critic Cyril Connelly. Wilkinson opens up the conversation about the challenges artists face sustaining their practice whilst trying to balance other jobs, commitments and financial pressures.

Wilkinson is an artist, photographer and writer based in the North West of England. He works predominantly in photography and video installation, though has recently incorporated new mediums resulting in a new direction of work on display at 36 Gallery.
Instagram: mattjwilkinson_