Limeline: From 36 Lime Street

EXHIBITION | 28th & 29th November 2015

Gallery opening times:
Saturday 28th & Sunday 29th November 10am – 5pm

A diversity of independent artists, makers and designers flourishes within the walls of 36 Lime Street, a thriving collective, all using drawing, in the broadest sense, in the process of their work. Seeds of ideas may start with a scribble; visualisation of projects and objects becomes clearer with a drawing; concepts are explained via diagrams and scores.

This exhibition aims to reveal the processes of making work in which drawing is used, processes which are usually hidden or discarded, whether the final work is a painting, table, brochure or musical composition.
Makers who use drawing in this broader sense include Michael Armstrong of AFID design, who makes small sketches to visualise the proportions of his bespoke furniture, and Lee Turner of Hole Editions, who has to destroy his collaborating artists’ original work to ensure the authenticity and originality of limited edition lithographs. Joanne Mitchell, glass artist and designer, uses digital CAD drawings to programme a waterjet cutter to create her innovative PhD work.

Limeline shows how drawing can be as essential to furniture makers, writers, puppet-makers, designers and musicians as it is to visual artists.

Limeline is curated by studio member Louise Bradley, a visual artist, as part of our annual November Open Studios event. See the Open Studios Event page for further details.