Katy Curran

EXHIBITION | 23rd July - 2nd August 2015

Gallery opening times:
Saturday 25th & Sunday 26th July 11am – 5pm
Saturday 1st & Sunday 2nd August 11am – 5pm

Preview: Thursday July 23rd 6pm – 8pm

Katy Curran works in print on two-dimensional and three-dimensional forms, uncovering impressions of found packaging and litter, collected from the streets of her home town of Middlesbrough. The function of discarded packaging ceases once the contents have been consumed. However, when discarded, the residue leaves a lasting impression of our consumer-based society. Curran’s work aims to comment on mass-production and over-consumption, whilst recognising how the formal qualities of disposable packaging can be underappreciated for their aesthetic qualities.

Curran’s sculptures highlight the mundane in the mass-produced. They also challenge the spectator by raising to cognition the landfill sites where a majority will end up. In creating these grotesque visions of our throwaway society, she hopes to represent alien relics which retain a slight hint of familiarity.