Gala Diorama | Nick Permain

EXHIBITION | 3rd - 12th August 2012

Gallery opening times:
Saturday 4th & Sunday 5th August, 11am – 4pm
Saturday 11th & Sunday 12th August, 11am – 4pm

Preview: Friday 3rd August, 6pm – 8pm

The work is an instantaneous recording. An imagined space with an enclosure, a temperature, a gathering of objects inside of it. In its quickness it becomes less tactile, ephemeral. The paintings are a recording of space that might exist whilst walls are paper thin, disorientating, and suggest something behind.

GalaDiorama is a series recording the verve and restlessness of uninhabited rooms which have small but reassuring signs of human existence. In addition I then build, at 1:1 scale, some of the objects that were first made in paint. The gallery space itself becomes a life size diorama of the paintings, beginning a ‘chicken and egg’ questioning of which came first.

Some of the paintings are on polyester canvas. So there is a discussion in my work about the ‘artificial’ – paintings of overtly artificial rooms, painted in oils on a very artificial material. In doing so, the sense of the ‘man-made’ is always present. References are drawn from art history, and in particular modernism, so that the work operates on the fine boundary of the surreal and the real, the real and the abstract. Questioning what modernism means today in contemporary society.



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