From the City to the Coast | Jim Edwards

EXHIBITION | 13th - 22nd September 2013

Gallery opening times:
Saturday 14th & Sunday 15th September, 11am – 5pm
Monday 16th – Friday 20th September, by appointment
Saturday 21st & Sunday 22nd September, 11am – 5pm

Preview: Friday 13th September 6pm – 8pm

For his latest exhibition, Jim has created a new selection of paintings that reflect his fondness for the North East. From the structure and busyness of the city to the freedom and isolation of the coast.

In previous work, Jim preferred to keep the cluttered elements of the cityscape separate from his coastal and landscape painting. Both very different in composition and atmosphere; and also requiring a different approach when painted. In these new paintings, Jim hopes to compliment the rigid man-made structures of the cityscape, with the calmer solitude of the seascape. And what a difference there is between Newcastle and the Northumberland Coast, even with their close proximity. The juxtaposition of these two elements are one of the joys of living and working in the North East.

Jim Edwards is best known for his depictions of iconic buildings and bridges of the North East. His work falls into two genres, contemporary cityscapes and abstract paintings inspired by manmade forms and buildings. Both styles follow a theme of architecturally inspired structures and dominating linear form.

Edwards’ cityscape paintings are not studies from life, nor is he trying to capture a particular viewpoint. His paintings have their origin in memory, how he remembers the workings and landmarks of the city, rather than a straightforward representation. The compositions evolve from a combination of imagination and selective memory, which are then altered and exaggerated. Certain buildings are forgotten or simplified, creating a personal view of the city.

Jim recently returned to Newcastle following a brief spell living and working in Northumberland, which inspired a more rural direction in his paintings. And like his cityscape paintings his new body of work focuses on manmade structures in the open landscape, of isolated farmhouses and the network of geometric walls stretched over hillsides.


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