CHROMACHINATION | James Hall, Mag Jittaksa & David Reynolds

Preview: Fri 1 Nov 6 - 8 | Open: Sat 2, Sun 3 & Sat 9, Sun 10 Nov 12 - 5

By on October 29, 2019

Initially the artists’ diverse practices were brought together through conversations
regarding the strong use of colour in their work.

This exhibition is intended to derive new contexts from the crossovers of their respective
outputs, aesthetic considerations and conceptual concerns; acting as a starting point to
interrogate the role of these new connections in the development of their ongoing
collaborative methodologies.

Collectively the artists are concerned with a discourse encompassing commodification,
mass production, categorisation, worship and object status.

Employing sculpture, digital prints and paintings they are proposing to illustrate a further
narrative pertaining to perceived hierarchies of draftsmanship.

JAMES HALL is an artist and illustrator based in Newcastle upon Tyne. His work utilises a
bold, graphic aesthetic and explores themes of consumerism, capitalism and seemingly
ceaseless technological variation.

MAG JITTAKSA is a Thai artist who’s work can be seen as an inquiry into the value of
objects which are perceived as possessing spiritual or emotional significance.

DAVID REYNOLDS is a Newcastle based artist. His practice is concerned with notions of
indexing queer cultural identities.