alt fact

EXHIBITION | 9th - 18th June 2017

Gallery opening times:
Saturday 10th & Sunday 11th June, 12pm – 5pm
Thursday 15th – Sunday 18th June, 12pm – 5pm
by appointment Monday 12th – Wednesday 14th June

Preview: Friday 9th June, 6.30pm – 9pm

Ross Hamilton Frew, Claire Lavender, Liam McCabe, Oliver Perry and Sister Shrill (Ciara Lenihan and Melissa MacPherson).

Alt Fact brings together a collection of works that respond to the idea of alternative facts and the way that they can shape and alter our understanding of politics, gender identity and the world around us at large. The works attempt to unpick the relationship between fact and fiction by highlighting the unreliable nature of the narratives we consume on a daily basis, be that through news media, the songs we listen to or the built environment.

Building upon the unstable foundations of mainstream culture, each work demonstrates a personal reflection on the provenance of its own source material. Ultimately whilst there is seemingly no definitive truth to be obtained from these investigations, the show aims to remind audiences the value of remaining critical as consumers of culture.