Ceramics | Design

West Denton Allotment Community Mosaic Project (2008)

I am a self employed ceramic artist and I have been based in 36 Lime Street for over 18 years. For over 15 years I have worked with a wide range of children and adults, mainly in the medium of mosaics and ceramics. Through my method of work it has been possible to include a broad range of learning and physical abilities. My teaching work is generally based in schools and community projects.

I design and make decorative, functional pieces for the home, including clocks, mirrors and various ceramic vessels. The vessels/pots that I make tend to be more sculptural than functional. I enjoy exploring the inside of a form as much as the outside. A tactile approach using texture with natural forms brings the viewer closer to the creative process. Also, playing with light and shadows gives a piece of work more depth and can suggest movement.