Natalie Bell | Artist

Painting | Drawing

'Northumberland Winter' Oil on Board

I have recently moved to a wonderfully light studio at 36 Lime Street. A perfect space in which to create my multi-layered ethereal paintings, inspired by macro and micro landscapes. As well as exhibiting nationally, and throughout the North East, my new work can be viewed directly in my studio, by appointment, or during an Open Studio event.

There is never an exact plan for my work, and it has always been a natural instinct to depict abstracted forms. My paintings are meditations, intuitive rather than cerebral. I like to allow the imagery to manifest itself.

The paintings evolve as an intuitive response to form, surface and ideas. I feel most successful when I’m able to find balance in one image; most recently, to imply an expanse of landscape, or a microscopic environment in one painting.

Painting through the addition and subtraction of colour, many layers are applied. Traces of previous layers remain visible, allowing colours to interact in surprising ways. By this method, a composition is arrived at through a series of decisions that are both conscious and unconscious.

Focusing on particular shapes or subject matter, results in a series of closely related paintings. Through process and repetition, my paintings slowly evolve.