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ES Sideboard in Oak

Michael established AFID design in 2005, designing and producing original hand-crafted furniture, as well as developing pieces for manufacture.

As a furniture designer maker, Michael is always striving to produce contemporary furniture that has an inherent longevity, and therefore an environmental consideration, through not only the materials used and solid build, but also within the design aesthetic. Furniture that is made using beautiful materials, solid craftsmanship, simple, functional design and a real attention to detail – ultimately, furniture that will stand the test of time – pieces to invest in.

Michael worked within industry for several years before joining a product/furniture design consultancy where he developed his  knowledge and understanding of design. He then went into full time education and graduated from the University of Northumbria with a First Class BA (hons) in Furniture Design and an MA in Design. After graduating he worked freelance for a number of years for a London based design agency before establishing Afid Design.