Judith Davies | Artist

Ceramics | Sculpture | Teaching

Judith Davies makes hand-built sculptural forms and wall hung work in porcelain. Recent pieces experiment with colour and texture using natural pigments and wax. The tide-line, the flow and movement of water over rippled sand and the forms of stones and shells found there inform and inspire her work.

She also draws, both from observation and in an experimental manner, these works are on thin Japanese paper flooded with natural, plant based inks. Davies is interested in the nature of materials and the inherent qualities of clay, paper, ink or natural pigments such as indigo and ochres. Processes used bring about a dialogue between control and the unexpected, art and nature.

Judith will be taking part in Open Studio events, contact her if you want to view work at other times. She also has extensive experience in running workshops and will be offering these from her large studio.